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When it comes to your auto insurance coverage, we want you to feel comfortable knowing you’re properly protected. We’re aware you’re doing your research and we’re here to help point out any gaps in your coverage of which you might not be aware. When you choose Alabama Insurance Agency & ALASTAR Insurance, you get a personal risk specialist that will help assist you with all of your personal insurance needs and questions. We’re a family-oriented business dedicated to serving your family; call us today for your free coverage review.


Get convenient and comprehensive coverage with a personal package that neatly collects all of your insurance needs in one place with one premium. Our personal package combines auto, home, and other coverage options, according to your individual requirements.

What happens if your car gets damage or stolen? What happens if you cause an accident? With an auto insurance policy, you can get liability coverage for damage and injuries you cause behind the wheel, reimbursements if your car gets stolen or damaged, coverage against uninsured or underinsured drivers, and more. We can also cover your unique situations like an expensive audio system, commercial use of your car, or a new teen driver.

If you own a collectible vehicle, you need more than just the standard automobile policy. While standard policies assume your vehicle’s value depreciates over time, as the owner of a classic you know that’s not true. That’s why you need special insurance coverage for your unique ride’s stated value. Your policy should also take how much your drive, special coverage for spare parts, and your preferred mechanic into consideration.

While you’re not legally required to carry ATV insurance, the protection it offers is crucial. If you take your ATV off your property and into state owned land, you’ll need ATV insurance to reimburse you for damages, theft, medical expenses, and more.

Motorcycle riders face a greater risk of accidents, so they have a greater need for proper insurance coverage. Our motorcycle insurance policies can cover high-performance bikes, cruisers, street sport bikes, touring bikes, and scooters against damages and theft. More importantly is protecting the driver and their passengers from any possible bodily injury to themselves or others.