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When it comes to your home insurance coverage, we want you to feel comfortable knowing you’re properly protected. We’re aware you’re doing your research and we’re here to help point out any gaps in your coverage of which you might not be aware. When you choose Alabama Insurance Agency & ALASTAR Insurance, you get a personal risk specialist that will help assist you with all of your personal insurance needs and questions. We’re a family-oriented business dedicated to serving your family; call us today for your free coverage review.


Get convenient and comprehensive coverage with a personal package that neatly collects all of your insurance needs in one place with one premium. Our personal package combines auto, home, and other coverage options, according to your individual requirements.

With a single policy, you can protect some of your biggest investments: your home and the personal property you store in it. Your homeowners insurance policy can reimburse your for many damages to your home, the cost of being unable to live in your home while it’s repaired, and any damaged or destroyed belongings. Additionally, it covers your liability for damage to others’ property or injuries you or your family cause. You can even build on your policy for greater protection for your valuables, coverage for your home office, liability protection as a boat owner, and more.

While your condominium association might protect the exterior of your condo, it’s up to you protect it from the walls in. This can be offered, with condo insurance. This policy covers damages to the interior of your condo due to covered causes, your liability for damages or injuries you or your family cause, and personal property replacement. Furthermore, you can adjust your policy to cover any additional coverages that are important to you for full protection.

If you own a building but aren’t currently living in it or storing belongings in it (e.g. have a rental home, temporarily vacant home), you still need to protect it against fire. With a dwelling fire insurance policy, you can get your building the coverage it needs without overpaying for protections that don’t apply to your situation.

It’s not uncommon for groundwater flooding to affect buildings that aren’t near a body of water; 20 percent of all flood insurance claims come out of areas that aren’t at a high flood risk. To protect your home against the serious financial burden a flood could bring, affordable flood insurance is an important component of your insurance portfolio.

Your landlord’s insurance policy won’t protect your belongings. You need your own renters insurance policy to cover both your personal property and your liability. You can also customize your policy to cover your more expensive belongings, your home office, and your other exposures.

Homeowners insurance policies simply aren’t enough to cover some valuables. Whether you own jewelry, oriental carpets, collectibles, art, antiques, firearms, or other important possessions, we can help you schedule them into your existing coverage. Your scheduled items will be covered for their full value against more causes of possible damage or loss and won’t require a deductible.